Friday, June 10, 2011

Ordered my 1st set of Whole Coupons

Well, I finally jumped into the ordering whole coupon inserts water tonight. :) I am trying which I hear is the "cheapest" online. You can order clipped and whole coupon inserts thru her. I read a little bit ago thru an experienced coupon clipper that you should have enough whole inserts for each person in your family. So, instead of purchasing an additional 3 newspapers, which I won't read, I went to Coupon Dede and bought 3 more. My order came up to a little over $11 which includes the shipping for regular US mail. I figure that I don't need Priority Mail for $5+, which is a waste of money (I personally think), since most of the coupons do not expire until the middle to end of July. We are only a week and a little bit more into June. So, regular ole snail mail it is.

I still need to finish getting my "binder" organized...I need to get the coupon holders and buy more ink for my printer and I should be good to go. I got the Office Depot bag for 20% in the Sunday paper, so guess who is going shopping there. :) LOL

While I'm thinking about is a link to get FREE $10 P&G Laundry Care

If I get any more good deals, I will post them for ya.

Thanks for reading and Happy Couponing!

Take care,
God Bless,
Julie D


Dawn said...

Liking you from the Frugal Facebook Flyby!!!! :)


LisaWeidknecht said...

Like you on the Flyby! Like me too?

cricketscts said...

I also order from coupon dede, but not only clipped Qs or PG inserts. I found that her SS and RP inserts were often the smaller ones that come in smaller papers. I'd rather order my inserts from someone that gets all the Qs.