Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coupon Sites & Blogs

WOW!!!! There are probably millions of coupon sites & blogs out on the internet. I've been surfing and searching facebook pages and clicking on there links and I'm amazed out how much information is out there. I want to post some of my favorite places to learn about couponing as I am on this new adventure. I'm also looking at new & exciting ways to make money from home, without have to spend $$ in order to do it. I know there are legit businesses out there that you can work-at-home doing, but you need to "invest" a little to get started. Rob says "you shouldn't have to pay $$ to work for a company"...just like he shouldn't have to buy things in order to work for T-Mobile. I agree to a point.

First, the work-at-home jobs I have been looking into, some of them require dedicated phone lines, head sets, etc. which can be costly, but spending a little bit of $$ to get you started will pan out in the long run because you can make descent money doing that. I know a few people that do this and they are happy with the income they make so contribute to the household finances.

Second, Rob did have to invest a little bit of $$ when he first started out with T-Mobile or with the other places he has worked for in the past. Everyone usually has to spend a little bit of moo la when you go to work for a new company. Unless you work from home and then the person on the other end of the phone doesn't care if you are in your PJ or not. If you work in an business office, most likely you will have to purchase some type of clothing t0 match the dress code... whether it is business or dress casual. You can't go to work in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, your boss would have a fit. Likewise, Rob had to purchase a "business" phone to work with T-Mobile. Anyone that has a cell phone knows that they aren't exactly cheap. And if you know my husband, CHEAP is not in his vocabulary. Don't let him fool you if you do know him that he is cheap, because he is not. I love my husband, but he doesn't always know what being frugal means...he is trying but he isn't 100% on board just yet. He will learn, just like I am beginning to learn how to save money on our grocery bill, and other things.

Now that I have went off track, I guess I will get back on it...

I am going to start posting blogs & websites that I am finding are helping me win at the couponing game. So hold on to your hats or whatever and look for a list of them to come in the next day or so.

It is getting late here, so I am going to sign off, but I send Blessings & happy thoughts your way.

Take care,
God Bless,

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