Saturday, November 29, 2008

My New Life Encounter Weekend ~ May 9 – 11, 2008

It was a make you laugh, cry, reflect, and listen to God and what he is trying to teach you, laugh and cry a lot more.

We started on Friday night, May 9th…”Loved by God”. Saturday, May 10th…”Changed by God”, “Forgiven by God”, “Cleansed by God”, “Forgiving Others”, “Healed by God”, “Set Free by God.” And on Sunday, May 11th…”Filled by God”.

What did I get out of this AWESOME weekend with Godly Women and God?

This is what I wrote when we were asked to reflect on this weekend…

Coming into this weekend, I had no expectations…my heart and soul was completely open to what God had in store for me. One of the things I knew was that God loved me, but I didn’t truly understand or comprehend how much.

The first night I realized that I, too, was like the Prodigal son, and it touched my heart to hear what God’s love meant and why he loved me.

Saturday when we were listening about “Forgiven by God”, I finally realized what Jesus did for me! When I forgave and released those that I was holding onto, the Freedom and the Joy was overwhelming. I can say with a Joyful and Grateful heart, that I am FREE at LAST!!!!

I’ve learned more about myself this weekend than I had in my lifetime. God is Gracious and Merciful, and I’M a PRINCESS in His eyes!

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