Monday, June 13, 2011

Too Hot for This

Our house has been on the market for about 3 months now (give or take a couple weeks). For the first time, we had someone come and have a look. So we decided that since Pebbles needed a nail trimming & bath (she has allergies & itches & sheds so much) that we decided while waiting to take her to PetsMart.

While DH (Dear Hubby) Rob and I were at Starbucks waiting for Pebbles to get done. This lady walked in...

She was wearing a PINK HOODIE in 90 something degree HEAT!!!! I was just starting to cool down from walking from PetsMart to the car and she made me hotter. I know people get cold sometimes in places during the different times of year, but goodness gracious...don't wear a hoodie. Bring a sweater or jacket to take on & off. LOL

Here is Pebbles after her bath and nail trimming...

Doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL!!!! She was panting because it is so HOT outside. But she looks like a new girl...even though she just turned 12 yrs old a few days ago. Baron didn't make it to his 12th birthday, he has been gone for almost a year now. Pebbles misses him so. Now she thinks she is the ALPHA of the house. LOL She hasn't been eating much, so in order to bribe her, we bought wet food, to see if that will get her to eat. It worries us, since Baron started doing that a few months before we had to have him put to sleep.

Well, I'm off to plan out my menu for the week so I can go grocery shopping w/ coupons tomorrow.

Have a Blessed week!

Take care,
God Bless,
Julie D

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